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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lift the Flap Colors

My son loves lift-the-flap books right now, he can sit for hours with them. To provide more variety and some extra educational material I made a lift-the-flap colors board to practice colors with him. He is 16 months currently and seemed to enjoy it best when I was sitting with him to participate too. I also have a feeling this would work well in the car or in church when he is required to sit still.

Age Range: 14 months-5 years

-construction paper--black, red, blue, green, yellow
-clear packing tape

1. cut 2 large squares of black paper
2. cut small squares of the other colors that are roughly 1/4th the size of the black paper.
3. cut flaps into the black paper, you can make them all go the same direction or different directions for variation.
4. tape colored squares onto the back of the black paper, behind the flaps so the color is exposed when the flap is lifted.
5. tape second sheet of black paper to the back to cover the colored paper
6. wrap entire thing in clear packing tape so it lasts longer (optional for preschoolers but probably necessary for toddlers)

  • Give the board to your child, let them explore and enjoy :)
  • Point out each color as your child lifts the flaps
  • Ask your child to find each color one at a time, praising when they find the correct color.
  • For an older child you can make a larger board with more color options
  • Write the color words onto the flaps and have the child read the words to tell you what the color will be before they lift the flap. This creates a self-correcting activity to encourage independence in the child and take the corrective power away from the parent so there's less pressure.

1 comment:

Plowmanators said...

This is a great idea! My kids love lift the flap books, too. Creative as always :)


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