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Monday, November 30, 2009

Learning Poster

Over 26 weeks this year, I have been following the preschool curriculum found at Our Preschool Homeschool Blog. On it, she suggests doing a learning poster where you can post your weekly learning items.

In our old house (we recently moved), I didn't really have anywhere to hang a poster. Instead, I wrote each item on a piece of paper and hung each paper on cupboards in the kitchen.

When we moved, I now had room for a poster. So I made one. Since we have been using it, I have grown to like it so much that I think I should have tried harder to find a place in the old house. I have since thought of lots of places I could have put it.

Here is how I made it:

  • Poster board
  • Computer and printer
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors (I used a scrapbook rotary cutting board)
  • Glue stick
  • Tape (to hang the poster)
  1. Type and print (or write out) the headings for each category on your learning poster. Just be sure you don't print each title larger than can fit in its respective columns.
  2. Cut out rectangles to put each item on each week.
  3. Cut out each title.
  4. Glue each rectangle in place.
  5. Glue each title onto scrapbook paper (card stock).
  6. Hang the poster.
  1. At the beginning of each week, create your items for your learning theme.
  2. I put up the theme picture, vocabulary picture, and nursery rhyme at the beginning of each week.
  3. On each respective day, I add the appropriate picture. So on letter day, I add the printout of the letter.
  4. Each morning, we review all that is on the poster.
I made mine a bit more colorful than the one on the preschool blog. This wasn't difficult, but more time consuming than it needed to be. In my mind, it was worth it :) Decide for yourself. I didn't worry so much about having perfect spacing around the words.


Harmy said...

I just started this with my 2 year old - she loves it! However.. I added the days of the week along the bottom with a picture of her that moves from day to day. I also took out the nursery rhyme and added a Bible verse instead.

The Culbertsons said...

Do you tape the weekly items on the poster, so you don't have to make new rectangles every week? Or do you use new rectangles every week?

Plowmanators said...

I tape them on each week. Good question!

Kyle, Amanda, and Tobias said...

Great ideas for switching it up a bit Harmy, I might make the same changes when I make mine. I think we'll be starting this after the new year, Tobias is just picking up new knowledge like crazy and this hits many of the preschool learning standards.

rebekah said...

At what age did you start this or do you recommend starting this?

Rochelle said...

Ok...I love this! I checked out the preschool homeschool blog and think it's great....now my question ~ my daughter is 2 in Feb, but I'm expecting #2 in Feb as well....so would it work well to wait until August and do 26 weeks (starting at 2.5, ending at 3 yr, 3 mon) or will she be "missing out" by waiting? She's not very verbal, but we are doing lots of fine motor activities (pouring, placing, etc. a la Montessori), nursery rhymes and reading. I love how well laid out this is...but I hate the thought of starting mid-year....what would you recommend?

Plowmanators said...

I started something like this with Kaitlyn at 18 month-ish. It was more for Brayden, and I was shocked at how much she picked up on!

Plowmanators said...

Rochelle, Start at any moment! I kind of like to start at big markers, too. But she can definitely start any time now. You might start in January. I always like to have new goals in January. Then you can look it over and get familiar and also not be extra crazy around Christmas.

Rochelle said...

Thanks Valerie and Manda,

After thinking about it more, I do think we'll start in Jan since I like to do a lot of the pieces of this with her anyway and this will help us focus each week!

Can't wait.

Ok, one question, are the rectangles each about 8.5x11, or smaller? Have either of you added the page protectors like one of the mom's suggested, and do you like it that way??

Anonymous said...

I made my three boys (a three year old and twin one year olds) a Learning Poster this week. We will start using it today. My husband even found a great place to hang it so it is visible but they can't grab at it. But I can still take it off the wall and put it at their level when we are using it.

Thanks for the great idea. I am looking forward to getting started!

Little Charly said...

I found this on your babywisemom blog and am super excited to have a new blog to follow now. I have all of my supplies and am very excited to get this rolling. My daughter is only 18 mo, but I still think it will be fun! My only question is that I cannot find good photos anywhere? I google search photos, but it is kind of all over the map. Where do you all print your pictures from (animals, leash, shapes with colors etc.....)
Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you!

Plowmanators said...

Glad you found it!

I actually just "google it" to find what I am looking for.

I just go to google.com, type in the word I am looking for, and click on images. I often add "clipart" after my word, so "dog clipart."

For my shapes, I go into Word and draw them myself. Super easy in Word. I do the same for my numbers, letters, and nursery rhymes.

I hope that helps!

Little Charly said...

Thank you!

Sarah Sloop said...

Thanks for sharing! I had found this curriculum online, and Im glad to see another person approves of it:). I get all happy with colors and clean lines, so I like what you did with the poster:). When I was teaching Transitional Kindergarten, velcro became my best friend... I think it would work great with mounting each theme, and being able to use theme again!


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