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Friday, October 2, 2009

Quick and Easy Number Books

This activity literally took all of 5 minutes to make and complete, tops!

Ages: 18 months+ (This is the age Charis started learning to recognize numbers)

  • Paper (I used computer paper and cut it in half)
  • Marker
  • Do-A-Dot markers or stickers
  • Stapler


  • Decide what numbers you are interested in teaching. We started with 1-10. Looking back, I could have done 0-10.
  • Label the cover as ____'s Number Book.
  • Label each page with a number.
  • Staple together. I included a back page for her to decorate, too.


  1. Practice counting 1-10, or whatever you decided.
  2. You can start with hand clapping, snapping, tapping, jumping, etc. to illustrate that the number means a specific number of times/things. Gather 1 stuffed animal, clap 2 times, jump 3 times...whatever you decide to physically illustrate the point.
  3. Then go through each page and add a sticker/dot for each number.


With Charis, we made 2 books. The first book we made and I physically helped her dot one time, dot 2 times, etc. It was such a new concept for her. The second book was "hands-off" for me. Instead we looked at the number, and I would say, "This is the number ___" or "What number is this?" and then we'd clap how many times she would stamp. Then I would let her do it.

You can also build slowly with this activity. It would be great to use with Val's Number Squares activity as you are teaching numbers. Add a page every few days, one a week, etc.

I leave one number book hanging on the fridge and put the other in her stack of books to look at during her reading time. She loves to look at the book she made, and it's a great way to practice.


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