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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Ghost

-take a scrap of white fabric and ball it up
-take a second scrap of white fabric and wrap it around the balled fabric, securing it at the bottom of the ball with a piece of yarn or a hair tie.
-draw eyes and an open mouth on the ghost (feel free to make it as scary or friendly looking as fits your child's age and maturity level)

Sing this song while waving the ghost puppet around to touch each body part.
*This is a great way to distract a squirmy baby or toddler during diaper changes!

Baby ghost, baby ghost
Flying through the air.
Baby ghost, baby ghost
Touching your hair.

(Move puppet back and forth in front of toddler.)

(Have ghost touch toddlers hair.)

Baby ghost, baby ghost
Flying down low.
Baby ghost, baby ghost
Touches your toe.

(Bring hand with puppet down low.)

(Bend down and touch ghost to toddlers toe.)

Baby ghost, baby ghost
Flying up high.
Baby ghost, baby ghost
Touches your eye.

(Raise ghost puppet up high.)

(Toddler shuts eye, while ghost touches eye lid.)

-body parts

I found this activity at a neat site I just discovered: http://www.preschoolexpress.com/
(This activity is in the toddlers section)

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