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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall: Nature Walk

At preschool this week, Brayden's theme is Fall. He came home with this fun bracelet, so I thought I would share it.

Probably one and up. I would think a one year old could find interest in putting this bracelet on and collecting things.

  • Science
  • Exercise
  • Masking tape
  • Baggie or basket (or something to put things in)
  • Place to walk


  • Dress child appropriately for the weather


  • Put masking tape around your child's wrist. You want the tape "backwards" so that the sticky side is facing up. You don't want the tape to stick to your child.
  • Go for a walk and find things in nature. For the lighter and smaller things, have your child stick them to his nature bracelet. For the heavier and larger items, have your child put them in the baggie or basket or whatever you brought along.
  • Take them home and talk about the items found. For the older child, you could look up the items he found and read about them.



Raegan said...

Waiting for a pretty day to do this one. Charis is big on collecting "treasures" outside. It'll be nice not to wash so many leaves and tiny rocks that I forgot to get out of my pockets before I do laundry. :)

Kyle, Amanda, and Tobias said...

So neat! Unfortunately fall is already over here and we have snow and ice on the ground :( But I will definitely do this next year with Tobias!

Plowmanators said...

Wow...I guess I won't feel sorry for myself with my long winters!

Raegan said...

Winter...what's that? Seriously, we haven't seen REAL snow in forever.

Kyle, Amanda, and Tobias said...

Raegan, I could always bring some with me to Virginia, we've got plenty to spare here. I doubt it would make it in the moving truck though! :)


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