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Monday, October 5, 2009

Cause and Effect Games

I know many of you with babies are really wanting ideas for things to do with your baby. My first bit of advice is to not underestimate the simple things you do daily. Remember that for a newborn, everything every day is a new learning experience. Repetition helps learning, so for the 6 month old, those same old things every day that bore you are helping your baby to learn. So don't discount all of the things you do with your baby; they are great learning times. Having said that, here is an idea to do with your older baby.

AGE RANGE: Most babies 6 months and up. Some 5 month olds might enjoy this. My four and two year olds still get a thrill from this.

  • Container to hold objects (water, sand, toys--whatever it is you want to hold)
  • Object to put in container (water, sand, toys--whatever it is you want to use)


  • Get container
  • Prep object if needed
  • Get baby


Get baby in position for learning cause and effect. Let's say we are in the tub. Fill the cup up with water, then dump it out in front of baby. Do it over and over again. Narrate as you go: "Look, the cup is empty! I am going to fill it with water now. Look! Now the cup is full! Now I am going to dump it out. Wahoo! Look at it fall out! Now the cup is empty again!" Hold your baby's hand out feel the water run over it.

Remember, repetition! I know this doesn't sound very exciting, but it is something simple to help teach your baby about cause and effect. Like I said, Brayden and Kaitlyn still love filling things up and dumping them out. It seems to be a game that never grows old :) As your baby gets older, she will start to want to fill and dump all by herself.

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