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Monday, September 14, 2009

Shape Pictures

This is a pretty simple activity and can be done with many ages, though the 2-6 year olds seem to like it best. This can be a great way to teach that everything in our world is made up out of shapes. It can also give great satisfaction to a child who struggles with coloring real pictures because all they need to do is glue and paste to create a neat picture.


-construction paper/foam paper
-glue/glue stick


-cut out shapes from the construction paper or foam paper. Try to use different colors and a couple different sizes of things to allow for more versatility. You can also make shapes certain colors based on what you anticipate the child making. For example, I cut out black squares to make car tires and green circles for tree tops.

1. Show the child the shapes and briefly introduce what each shape is called.
2. Demonstrate how to make a simple house with a square bottom and triangle for the roof. Let the child help you and make suggestions. (the child I was working with wanted a chimney on the roofs so I had to cut a rectangle for a chimney)
3. Invite the child to make his own house and then invite them to make other things.
4. Glue the pieces to the paper once you know what picture you want to make.
5. Set pictures aside once complete so the glue can dry properly.


Here is an example of what I did with my shapes.


Jan said...

your babywise website has been a lifesaver for me (i'm a new mom of a six week old). i LOVE this site too! thanks for sharing the wonderful ideas.

Plowmanators said...

You are welcome Jan!

Thanks for this idea Manda! That will be a fun thing to do on shape day.


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