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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Craft: Apples & Thankfulness

I was looking for a way to help emphasize being thankful with my toddler. There's such a natural sense of me, me, me that toddlers have, and I want to help Charis learn how it feels and what it looks like to be thankful for the wonderful people in our lives. Here's what we came up with around here.

Materials Needed:
*Washable paint
*Apples (1-3)
*Paintbrushes or sponge brushes
*Blank cards with envelopes

Ages: 2+

*Put down paper on the table to keep paint from getting everywhere.

*Cut the apples. One needs to be cut in half, so it keeps it's pretty "apple" shape.

The other apple(s) I cut in half horizontally, so that the shape of the core makes a star. Then I cut the apple around the star, to make an easy to hold square (like a stamper).

*I put paint in individual jars, for easy access for the brushes.
*Lay note cards out flat.
1. Show your toddler how to paint the sliced apples. It works better to paint the slices rather than dip them.
2. Show them how to press the apples on the card. It's okay if they wiggle, it's their creation...a piece of them.
3. After they dry, draw (or if your child is old enough, let them) apple seeds and stems on the apples.
4. Keep the note cards handy. It's a good idea to write a thank you or "I appreciate you" note right then. Explain that when you care about someone, appreciate someone, or want to say thank you, it makes their day brighter to get a card.
We keep the cards in plain sight so I can grab one when the opportunity presents itself.
It's never too early to set the example of being grateful. Make sure you do the same, and tell your child when you send a card or call someone to say thank you, I miss you, Happy Birthday, or whatever you decide.


Melanie said...

So cute! Too bad my little baby probably wouldn't handle this projet. Bummer.

Kyle, Amanda, and Tobias said...

Funny coincidence I'd planned to do this with the boys today anyway :) I'll be crossing my fingers in the hope that Tobias doesn't try to eat the paint :)

Ben & Jenny said...

We did this with my neighborhood playgroup last week (I know, it's Nov!). Ages 2-5 participated and all had a good time. They wore smocks and I taped the bowls of paint to the table.


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