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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Letter Picture: D

The other day, Brayden (4) brought this home from preschool. This week, they are learning about dinosaurs and it is also the letter D week. I thought it was really creative.

I would say this is for the two year old on up. If you have an 18 month old or so who you think would do well with this activity, go for it!

  • Picture of a D. They did both uppercase and lowercase. You could do one or both. You could print it or draw it. Here is a link to a block letter: http://familycrafts.about.com/library/color/blcapitald.htm. Or you can make it in Microsoft Word. To do that: (1) Open Word. (2) Go to File>Page Setup. A new window will open. (3) Under Margins, change all margins to .5. (4) Under Orientation, click Landscape. (5) Click OK. (6) Type a capital D and a lowercase d. I would put a space between the two. (7) Highlight the letters. (8) Change the font to Arial. (9) Change the font size to 460. (10) Go to Format>Font. A new window will open. (11) Under Effects, check the Outline box. (12) Click OK. You are now ready to print!
  • Construction paper.
  • Dot stickers.
  • Dinosaur sticker.
  • Dog sticker (or any other "D" word sticker you want to use).
  • Glue.
  1. Print your D picture.
  2. Either cut out or draw lines for your child to cut out a door for each D (D and d).
  • Have your child put a D sticker (duck, donkey, dinosaur, dog, etc.) in the center of the capital D and one in the center of the lowercase D.
  • Have your child decorate the D's with dots.
  • If you want your child to cut out the doors, have him do so.
  • Have your child glue the doors in place to cover the D stickers.
Here are two photos of Brayden's D picture.

You will notice that this picture is hanging on the fridge. You have probably read this a million times, but display the artwork your children do. I hang the kid's pictures on the fridge as soon as they are done (or as soon as the glue dries). I always make a big deal about it.

If you are the type who hates to hold on to stuff and want to throw it away, don't do it in front of your child :) If you are the type who hates to throw stuff away, you can take pictures of it and just keep a few things.


Raegan said...

I'm going to do this activity tomorrow. Charis will love this! She's really into dinosaurs right now, so I think this would be great. Thanks Val!

Plowmanators said...

You are welcome! We also had a fun "happenstance." My sister gave Brayden a dinosaur egg that you put in water. It takes about a day for the dinosaur to "hatch" and then you are supposed to soak it. Our egg is hatching right now. Also, there is that new show on PBS called Dinosaur Train. We haven't had a chance to watch it yet (our TV isn't hooked up yet)so I don't know if it is good or not, but you might check it out.

Raegan said...

Charis LOVES Dinosaur Train. I am trying to rearrange the day so that it comes on at a good time for all of us. 9:30 AM is a busy time. I like the show because it takes little breaks to teach about the dinosaurs, too. That's so neat about the dinosaur egg hatching. Perfect timing!

mamanickles said...

We have been doing collages with the letters of Sammy's name. It ends up a lot like your picture. I use clipart to find pictures of things that start with the letter, and also use photos of people we know whose names start with that letter. Obviously for S, we had a picture of him, and also his uncle Sean, in addition to a "scooper", socks, snake, etc. We hung it on his door at his eye level. Today we did A and will be hanging it next door. Just another idea!

Maureen said...

Totally OT, but I would love to subscribe to this blog by email. How can I do that?



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