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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Color Cards

This activity is to help children learn colors. Both my four and two year old enjoy this game.

  • Colored paper (scrapbook, construction, etc.)
  • Scissors or some way to cut paper
  • Pen/marker or alphabet stickers (you could even use a label maker)
  • Contact paper or laminating machine

Photos below.

  1. Cut two sets of cards out of each color of paper you want to do. You can cut the paper to any size you want.
  2. Write the name of the color on the card if you want to.
  3. Cover each card in contact paper or laminate each card.


  1. Spread the cards out on the table. The number of colors you use at a time needs to be dependent on your individual child. For the younger child, start with two colors. For the older child who is better at colors, add more.
  2. Pick up a card and say, "I have a red card. Can you find the other red card?"
  3. At some point, you can mix the game up. You can give your child one stack of cards and spread out the matches. Have your child go through the stack and match the cards up. You can also have your child name the color. You can also let your child be the quizzer. These cards could also be used as color flash cards.
  • Paper: I used both scrapbook paper and construction paper. I prefer the scrapbook paper because it is more sturdy.
  • Contact Paper/Laminating: If you have lots of children (or even one child who will be slightly destructive), I would definitely cover the cards with contact/lamination. It will take some extra time now, but will prevent you from making new cards over and over again.

Here are some photos of the finished product.

I used these cards to do the ABC Relay as posted by Raegan (ABC Relay). It was a big hit! We also played hide and go seek where we hid the cards around the room for each other to find. These cards were a lot of work to make, but they have already served many purposes in the two weeks we have had them.

I got this idea from the Toddler's Busy Book on page 191. For more on this book, see Book Review: The Toddler's Busy Book.

1 comment:

The Book Chook said...

Love these ideas - love your blog! I actually used to play something similar to ABC relay with my kindergarten kids. I am trying to pull together a post about simple literacy games, so thanks for the reminder!


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