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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Simple Summer: Simple Preschool Cirriculum


While browsing my online library, looking for eBooks, I cam across this section that has a lesson plan for you for every month of the year. I thought it would make a great resource for simple summer learning! I find the biggest time suck for learning activities is the actual planning and preparing--not the doing--and in the summer, I really don't want to be sitting and planning and preparing. So I thought I would pass the link along to you if you are interested--it is linked right to June:


For more fun summer ideas, see these:


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veggiesgirl said...

One of our favorite things to do, especially on a rainy day and you want some good indoor activities, is to do some of the Spirituality for Kids lessons (http://www.spiritualityforkids.com/). We love how it teaches some of the common skills my 7-year-old needs to make great decisions and reach his full potential in a way that he can understand and benefit most from.

The Dapper Darling said...

Yes, we are full of studies ourselves. We do a lot of crafting too. I also have a blog at www.thedapperdarling.com where you can find some neat crafting ideas!

Naceur Boujja said...

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