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Monday, August 2, 2010

Simple Summer Fun: The Zoo

Oh the zoo. Kids love zoos. Kaitlyn is my little animal lover and gets a huge thrill out of zoos. Now, if you don't have a large zoo close to you, chances are there is some sort of small zoo. You might even be able to go to a local farm and see the animals there. Looking at animals in person is so much more meaningful to a child than looking in a book. How else would they realize that a rhino's head is as large as their entire body?

Another, very scaled down animal activity I have done with Kaitlyn is I took her to PetsMart. I was shocked at how much she loved watching all of the fish swim. They had fish, birds, reptiles, cats, and of course the patron's dogs. She loved it and it was free!

You might also live somewhere that you can go for a walk around your neighborhood and see animals. So take a trip somewhere and learn by observation (and maybe even touching if it is a petting zoo!) as you watch the animals.


Katy said...

My 13 mo LOVES animals, too. We went to the county fair this weekend and it was great. Most of the livestock was gone, but they had a few dog events and lots of dogs on the grounds to pet (up for adoption, raising money, etc.). She was thrilled to see them all and it was so fun to watch her. The county fair was a more doable trip than the state fair which is so much bigger and more expensive.

Redheads said...

We bought a year pass to our zoo which is only 15 minutes away. We first brought Sophia when she was 15 months, and she was not too interested. She was also teething and cutting molars, so maybe she was more concerned about chewing my wallet the entire time then looking at animals! But, we have gone almost weekly, and now at 18 months, she LOVES it! It is super hot here, and the "petting zoo" section is in the full sun, so we have yet to take her to that part. Boy, will she be surprised this fall when we bring her to that treat once the weather gets cooler!


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