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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Simple Summer Fun: Bubbles

Bubbles are another fun summer activity that is providing learning opportunities for your child. Your child observes how the bubbles blow and how the wind affects where they go. Your child observes what makes bubbles pop. Your child also gets some great gross motor work in when chasing bubbles, and can get fine motor work in while blowing bubbles.

I once saw a great addition on the show Curious George. George wanted to blow bubbles using different shapes--for example, a slotted spatula. When he blew them, they of course didn't blow into rectangles, triangles, or squares, but circles. So if you want to work some science shape learning in, you can try that.


Oh, and if you start to get light headed from all of the bubble blowing, I seriously love this thing. My sister gave it to Kaitlyn as a birthday gift over a year ago. It is nice to have my breath back :) Plus, the kids love to blow bubbles with it and I get to take pictures! There are lots of Bubble Blowers out there.



Jennifer said...

Yes! We would do bubbles all day if my daughter had a choice.

A "No Spill Bubble Tumbler" (http://www.mardel.com/store/item.aspx?ItemId=388938) is my new best friend. I used to not like to do bubbles because my daughter (2 yrs) wanted to hold the wand, but I was sure to hold the liquid since she would certainly spill it, but then I was getting drops all over me, etc, etc. Big mess, so we never did bubbles. With one of these she can blow bubbles all by herself and she is so happy! (I got ours at Target for only a few dollars.)

Plowmanators said...

Oohhh Jennifer, that is cool. One day, I decided to stop being OCD mom and just let kids be kids and Brayden spilled half the bottle of bubbles (he was barely 2). Bubbles are cheap, but I hate wasting money.


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