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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Family Outings

One thing I tend to forget is that family outings are also learning times for our children. It's interaction with new people, and usually experiencing something new. We have a local Petting Zoo/Family farm that has a fall festival each year. There are animals to pet and feed, pony rides, hay mazes, a pumpkin patch, hay rides, and all kinds of fall treats to enjoy. Unless you already live on a farm, own a pony, have a pumpkin patch, take your kids for weekly hay rides, and set up your own hay maze in your backyard, chances are your kiddos are going to experience something new. We unexpectedly got to learn all about honey bees at a local trip to a farm...completely unexpected and wonderful at the same time!
I love going to fairs, festivals, craft shows, outdoor concerts....pretty much anything that involves getting out and doing something new. My husband is not as keen on the crowds, lines, and chaotic possibilities.
Take a chance this fall...go apple picking, find a random and new festival or celebration, check out local churches (this is a big celebration time with things like Trunk or Treat or Fall/Halloween type *free* choices). We even have a local Food Fest and Bark in the Park (taking your dogs out for some fun in the park).
Don't know if your community/city has something going on? Chance are your city's website has a list of local events. I just googled my city name + events and a calendar of everything happening in the next few months popped up!
A few tips for taking the little ones on a new and unknown adventure:
  • Take snacks and/or a sandwich. They may not love the idea of an Italian Sausage or Philly Steak and Cheese.
  • Keep a change of clothes and shoes in the car...we learned that after a surprisingly muddy trip to the farm. Ooops...
  • Have a way to keep your kids still if you need it (like strapped in a stroller so you can wait in a line for the pony ride or for the funnel cake).
  • Don't bring anything they'd freak out if they lost (like the stuffed animal they sleep with). Crowds+ distraction = almost a guarantee they'll drop it in a place no one will notice until you are too far away to retrieve it (or even know where to begin looking).
  • BE FLEXIBLE! Sometimes agendas (other than knowing you'll eat and knowing you'll go home) need to be put aside for a little while. Try to be prepared but know something you didn't plan for may happen.
  • Talk about everything you see! Point stuff out! (Don't forget that they are looking from a 2-3' height...not everything is so obvious other than that guy's feet in front of you).

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kelly said...

My husband teaches at an university and the marching band practices outside every weekday in the afternoon. My daughter loves the marching and music. It is free and we bring a picnic dinner. Just another thought to add to your list. :)


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