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Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Round-Up 2011

Are you ready for Christmas? I feel like I am still mentally preparing for Halloween! Where did time go?!!???

Christmas Books and Recommendations

Get our 2009 Christmas Book Recommendations

Our book recommendations for 2010!

This activity creates a fun ornament for your tree while working on shapes, fine motor skills, and colors. 

This is a fun way to remember all of the fun you had this year as a family. See also:

Time Capsule

A fun tradition to do each year.

Learn about different Christmas traditions from around the world.

Super cute activity for the letter R and reindeer week.

If your kids are like mine, glitter is a favorite. This activity has glitter!

Get some fine motor practice in with present wrapping.

I call Raegan the queen of sorting activities, and she does not disappoint with this one :)

The shepherds are a humble part of the Christmas story. You can talk about them as you make these sweet lambs.

Gingerbread is a fun theme for a week during December! 

December seems to be full of natural fine motor practice. Take advantage of it all!

Straw Bed for Jesus

Help your children focus on the reason for the season.

Making the Holidays Memorable

Ideas for getting the most out of your holidays.

Christmas Symbols Poem

A poem for reminding us what all of our decorations symbolize.

Christmas Symbols and Meanings

A list of all of the Christmas Symbols and what they mean.

Gingerbread Tips

Making gingerbread items can turn into no fun for everyone if you don't do it right. Find tips for making this a fun tradition rather than a point of contention.

Candy Train

Make a yummy candy train.

Snowmen Ornaments

A darling keepsake ornament to make with your children.

Homemade Ornaments

More ideas for homemade ornaments.

Reindeer Week

Enough reindeer activities to more than fill a week up. They will leave you with your head spinning.

More Reindeer Activities

Just in case your head was not spinning fast enough, we added a few more reindeer activities.

Christmas Tree Art

A great fine motor activity that results in a very cute decoration.

Christmas Tree Rice Krispy Treats

Yummy, festive treats.

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