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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Reindeer Activities

I know that Raegan provided you with enough reindeer activity ideas to last a month, but I just had to share three more ideas!


This is a simple ornament for your preschooler or toddler to make. It requires yarn or string, three popsicle sticks, two eyes, glue, a pom-pom, paint, paint brush, and some pipe cleaner.

Have your child paint the popsicle sticks brown. Let dry. Then, have your child glue them into a triangle shape. Add a nose, eyes, and antlers. Glue a string on the back. Let dry and hang your ornament!


I wanted to make a rudolph sandwich one day and just threw it together. I only had peanut butter chocolate chips open and didn't want to open a new bag just for four pieces. I just took two pretzels, two chocolate chips, and one almond M&M for each sandwich. It isn't fancy at all, but the kids loved it! Brayden (4.5) appreciated it much more than Kaitlyn (2.5). They want a rudolph sandwich every day now. My point here is to remember that children are easily pleased. It doesn't have to be fancy or professional for them to be happy with something like this.

Brayden's preschool teacher used the rudolph idea to review the colors they had learned so far this year. They had a little booklet with a picture of rudolph on each page. They then put different colors of noses on each picture.

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