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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Symbols Poem

This is a poem I wrote last week for the symbols of Christmas. Last night, we did family night with a lesson on the symbols and what they remind us about that first Christmas night. I bought treats to represent each thing in the poem. Afterward, Kaitlyn was talking about one of the treats, and Brayden corrected her that it was a wreath, not a cookie :) They enjoyed going through the poem and learning about the symbols. I think it helped them to have something concrete to hold as we talked about each thing.
Here is the poem with what we did for treats. You are welcome to use the poem, just please keep the credit (me) with it.
Remember Christmas
by Valerie L. Plowman

Red reminds of the blood He spilt
to wash away and cleanse all of our guilt
White is for His actions, most pure.
Through sinless perfection, He did endure.
Green is for the life eternal
we can obtain through our Lord supernal.
The star shines like the one so bright
that twinkled above that first Christmas night.
The fir tree is for many things:
the tree of Jesse--the father of kings,
and for the needles pointing to the Lord--
that little babe we all adored.
The wreath shows one eternal round;
the begin' of the Lord cannot be found.
The lights remind us that this babe
is the light of the world, and born to save.
The candy cane is for the crook;
not one sheep or lamb the shepherd forsook.
The Christmas bells we love to ring
proclaim joy! The birth of a newborn king.
These symbols remind us that we,
more like the three wise men all now should be.
Earnestly seeking to find the new babe
who humbly in a manger laid.
  • Red: We used Christmas M&Ms
  • Green: We used Christmas M&Ms
  • White: We used white taffy
  • Star: We used starburst candy. You could also buy a star ornament for each person--or even cut a star out of paper.
  • Fir Tree: I found some cute tree suckers at Dollar Tree. It had a star and lights (or ornaments) on it, so it could work for many things for you.
  • Wreath: I went with chocolate cookies that are round. They also sell jelly filled chocolates at Christmas time. You could do a doughnut and even put green dyed coconut on it.
  • Lights: I just put lights around the poem, but you could get a strand of lights out or use little flashlights.
  • Candy Cane: I used a candy cane :)
  • Bells: I put a little bell in each bag.


Angela said...

Beautiful poem! Thank you for reminding us of what each symbol represents! Merry Christmas!

Sarah Bowen said...

Awww this is such a beautiful Christmas poem. Thanks for sharing.

short Christmas poems

Sandhya Blogger said...
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