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Friday, December 3, 2010

Gingerbread Fun

This week the girls and I have been reading The Gingerbread Man, The Gingerbread Baby and other versions of the story.
I decided to let the girls practice decorating on paper before we got to the actual cookies to decorate. Add glitter and glue to anything and my girls are happy. :) It's a super easy activity, a chance for them to show lots of creativity, and just plain fun! Using glue provided lots of practice with fine motor skills, too. I simply cut out a bunch of gingerbread shapes, and then provided decorating supplies for them to go crazy with. For the glue, I put some Elmer's in a small container and gave them cotton swabs to use. Much easier than handling a glue bottle, especially for my 1 year old.
They turned out adorable, and they spent (willingly) at least an hour working on them.


April said...

i love the glue and cotton swab thing! even if some is wasted, it can't be as much than when my 2 year old get a hold of the glue bottle! thanks for the tip! how do you do glitter with such little ones?

Plowmanators said...

So fun! I am excited to give that a try. Gingerbread week...sounds fun.

Raegan said...

I transfer glitter into small containers, if they aren't already in them (like small spice containers). I use trays that I bought from Oriental Trading--you can see them in the pic. I used to use baking sheets before I bought them. Then I tape off a few of the holes so tons of glitter doesn't come out. They have to really shake to get a big amount of glitter, but the glitter lasts longer and they don't seem to care. :) You definitely still get some around, but it's minimalized a lot by doing those things.


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