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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Blogiversary!

It is hard to pick the exact date this blog started, but I decided September 8 it is because it was the first day we published an activity.

One year already! Many thanks to the wonderful ladies, Raegan and Amanda, for all they do here. Thanks to you wonderful readers! Thanks for your comments and letting us know how things go. We hope you find great things here and you feel motivated to help your children learn and love to learn.


Amanda said...

Whoa, how did the last year go by so quickly?! I actually was so shocked that it had already been a year that I didn't believe you Val, I had to look up the archives to make sure, lol!

rebekah said...

Love this blog! Is there a way to only look at entries/activities that pertain to a certain age group (pre-toddler, for example)? It's time consuming sometimes to read back through everything and see what is relevant, but if there was a link that sorted everything out already (like what already exists for the topics), that would be WONDERFUL! Does this exist??

Plowmanators said...

yes, you can click on the label (to the left) for the pre-toddler age. I can't promise that every relevant post for pre-toddlers is under that, but we try to remember. I know I don't always.

I would start there. Then if you have a certain theme in mind, you could also look under that label and see if any of those work.

Leigh Anne said...

Can't believe its been a year! I LOVE this blog and have gotten many great ideas from it. Thanks for all the hard work you ladies do - believe me - I appreciate it very much! I've done many of the activities but forget to come back and comment. Keep up the great work!


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