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Friday, September 17, 2010

Apple Sort

One of my favorite things to utilize when I taught---File Folder games!!! Imagine...all the pieces in one spot, practicing a skill, one-on-one or independent, quiet games. Oh, and talk about simple storage for you! This took me about 30 minutes TOTAL (looking for pics, printing, cutting, etc) to make.
I simply went to Google Images, typed in free clip art, and chose the apple pictures that I wanted. Cut, paste, repeat.
I made this game for my 19 month old. You can choose 2 or more colors, whatever theme you want, and the game cost me about $1 to make. :)
  • File folder (I bought a cheapy box of the plain. About $3 for 50 at Wal-mart.)
  • Printed and cut apples (or cars, teddy bears, etc)
  • Packing tape (I used it to "laminate" my pieces so they would last longer. $2 for a huge roll)
  • 2 white envelopes, cut in half and taped for sturdiness.

I use the pocket at the top for storage of pieces (opening facing inward to avoid pieces falling out, but ease of use for a 19 month old).

Now I have a game I can pull out when I need a few minutes to finish something I'm working on, for practicing skills together, and something for her activity tray for her to work on while I cook dinner. I can also take it easily with me to a doctor's office, or any place I need her to sit quietly and still for a little while.

She adored the pocket idea, though you could just use a white piece of paper and let the sort and stack them instead.


Angela said...

I love this! Do you have other file folder games you've done?

Raegan said...

I sure do! My next post (Tuesday) has another game to make and I included PDF files for anyone to have a copy of the images used for their own game. Hopefully the link will work, but I'll be doing more FF game posts in the future. :) Enjoy!

Megan D said...

Thank you for this creative idea! I love it and know my little girl will too! Helps me get my creativity flowing to look at our blog.

Kristi said...

Totally making this tomorrow! Thanks! :)

Dominique Chehlaoui said...

I am a nanny and ALWAYS looking for fun activities for the preschoolers I watch.THANKS,GREAT IDEA!


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