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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Apple File Folder Game- Counting

Here is another example of a file folder game I made, this time focusing on counting. If you'd like the template for the small baskets, here you go! Here's the template for the large basket, if you'd like it.
Okay, for the activity. The file folder with 12 baskets is for my 3 year old, the 6 baskets are for my 19 month old. I printed, cut and glued down the baskets where I wanted them. Then, again, I "laminated" them with packing tape. This game I'm really excited about because it's very versatile. You can write on the baskets using a Vis-A-Vis marker, or dry erase marker. Wipes right off, so the game can change as your child's needs change. Again, super cheap to make, easy to store, and the girls both had a blast.
Since our theme this week is apples (at our house), I used red, green, and yellow "apples" (Skittles) for counting.
For my 1 year old: We are working on 1-1 correspondence and recognizing numbers. I wrote a #1 on each basket and she has to put 1 skittle in each basket.

For my 3 year old: I wrote different numbers, 1-10 (I started easy for her for the introduction to the game), and she has to count out the correct number of apples for each basket.

Some options:
  • Different numbers
  • Patterns (AB, ABB, AABB, etc)
  • Introduction of a new number (ex:write 7 on each basket, and they will get between 6-12 times to practice counting out that number per game played)
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc
  • Letter matching. Instead of candy apples, put a group of letters (paper, magnetic, etc) and write a letter on each basket. Have them match the correct letters. It could be capitals to capitals, or capital to lower case.
  • Color matching


Valerie Plowman said...

I kid you not, I woke up this morning dreaming up this activity and thought, I am going to tell Raegan what I am thinking and she can figure out the execution...you are so many steps ahead of me! lol

Raegan said...

Haha! That is so funny!! Not ahead, just thinking on the same lines, right? :)

Kristy Powers said...

This is awesome! When I get a spare half hour or so, I'm going to make a couple of these!

Ashley said...

Great idea, I think I will do this for Teagan. You and your apples Rae!

Unknown said...

I love this!!

Do you have other file folder games?! I'd love to set this up for my preschooler & toddler while I'm nursing the baby! It would be fantastic!


johnpeterjohn said...

Nice Snaps ..photos are very pleasant!!
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