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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weather Relay

If your house is anything like mine, you may spend a lot of time explaining clothing choices for certain seasons. As much fun as it is to wear a bathing suit, wearing it to the grocery store in January probably isn't a great idea. And my hat lovin' daughter has yet to be concerned with the 80+ degree weather, even while wearing a fleece lined hat and coat.
So I went to Google Images, typed in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall (individually) and printed off pictures of stereotypical images from each season. Next, I gathered clothing/items to represent each season (summer: shorts, bathing suit, beach towel).
How you play the rest is up to you! Here are 2 options:
1) Call out a season, showing the picture to your child(ren). Have them run to the pile, dig through and find (or dress in) the appropriate clothing. Then double check...do you wear a toboggan in the winter? Mittens? Flip flops?
2) Lay out the 4 season pictures and have them go through and sort into piles which items belong in each season. Set a timer to make it more fun!

At the end, pick a season and have a seasonal snack while dressed up, like drink hot chocolate w/ marshmallows while wearing coats and hats, or snack on a Popsicle while wearing a bathing suit and sunglasses on a beach towel!

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