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Monday, March 8, 2010

Let's Cut Paper!

Not everything we do around here is something we put together ourselves--either from my head or from a book. Sometimes, I pull out a workbook. I love this Kumon Workbook for fun activities to build up paper cutting skills. It is for ages 2 and up. It is full of paper cutting activities designed to slowly build up your child's muscles, coordination, and cutting abilitly. It starts with simple, one-stroke cuts and works its way up to zig-zags and curves.

But you don't need to have the Kumon Workbook (or any other workbook) to do cutting activities. You can simply draw lines on paper for your child to cut. All you need are some child-safe scissors, a marker, and a piece of paper. Start with short, straight lines. Gradually make them longer. Move on to diagonal lines, zigs, zags, and curves.

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Kristy Shreve Powers said...

It's true you can easily make lines for kids to cut, and someone craftier than me could make it fun and interesting-looking, too, but this little workbook did the trick for my older son when he was 3.5. Cutting is something he gets easily discouraged/frustrated with, so having this really cute book to work on gave him the motivation to keep trying, and now he really likes cutting.

When I check a box for what age child it worked for, I've been wondering if a 3-year-old counts as a toddler or a preschooler? When I check things my son did at 3, 3.5 years old, I've been checking preschooler.

Thanks! (The only reason I have this Kumon workbook is thru reading your blog which recommended Preschooler's Busy Book!)


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