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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This was a fun way to teach names, recognition of family and friends to my daughter. We have quite a bit of family we don't see often, as well as people at church I wanted my daughters to start to recognize. It helped with my oldest daughter's shyness when seeing people at church and at family gatherings.
I took family/friend photos, as well as photos from our church directory, and laminated them with packing tape. I then stuck a large magnet (using magnetic tape) on the back. That way I didn't worry about a choking hazard as much. :)
We practiced sorting by children and adults, boys/girls men/women, church friends and family friends, members of the family and people that are not members of the family, hair color, daddy's family and mommy's family, etc. There's unlimited ways you can sort them. It also helped us when we got presents or cards in the mail. I could tell them, "This is from aunt ____" and then show them the picture or have them find that person's picture.


The Book Chook said...

Sometimes the best ideas are the simple ones. I love this as it has so many applications!

Anonymous said...

oo what a wonderful idea! There are a few family members that my son still needs to learn because he doesn't see them often. I am going to have to make some of these!

Rachel Stella said...

I've never heard of magnetic tape. Where did you get it? Oh, and thanks for the great idea!

Raegan said...

The 2 places I usually get it are either at a teacher supply store or office supply store. If you can't find magnetic tape, magnetic business cards work, too. You can cut them to size.

Rachel Stella said...

Thanks Raegan!

Amanda said...

magnetic business cards work fantastic with wallet-sized photos. We do this too whenever we get school photos of DH's sister or our younger cousins. We also put our friend's kids on magnets and Tobias loves pointing at the "babies" :)

Raegan, I love the ideas for extending this activity to sorting and categorizing the pictures, I never even thought of that before.


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