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Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter Book Recommendations

I know winter is in full swing, but with the holidays you may not have had a chance to check out some good books about winter! Here's a few to get you started!

**When Winter Comes by Nancy Van Laan-rhyming and full of information. A great into to the changing of the weather.

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow by Shirley Neitzel-builds and repeats. Pictures replace some words, so it's fun for your toddler to read with you!

The Snowman's Path by Helena Clare Pittman- Longer story. A boy and a snowman become friends.

The Hat by Jan Brett- Cute story about a hedgehog that mistakes a stocking for a hat. Cute! Fun for all ages.

Old Winter by Judith Benet Richardson- When Old Winter decides not to leave town, the town gets messy! A fun way to talk about the ups and downs of each season.

The Mitten by Jan Brett- When a little boy loses his white mitten in the snow, a bunch of animals decide to make the most of their snuggly new find.

Snow Friends by M. Christina Butler- A great story about making friends. Appropriate for small children (due to length).

Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin- A story about the man who took pictures of snowflakes. Based on a true story. Includes photographs of snowflakes at the end of the book.

Snow Day by Patricia Lakin- A story about principals that are excited about snow and call a snow day.

Sledding by Elizabeth Winthrop- Rhyming book about playing in the snow.

Penguins Penguins Everywhere by Bob Barner- A book about penguins in hot and cold climates


Anna said...

I have a fun activity that I used to do with my class when we read the mitten. Very simple- All you need is a blanket or sleeping bag and I found printables online of the characters in the book. I passed them out to the children and as I read the book I had each character pile into "the mitten" (blanket or sleeping bag. The kids LOVE it!

Raegan said...

Hmm...that reminds me of a similar activity we did when I taught too! I think I'll have to do a post on that. Thanks for the idea and sparking my memory! :)

Naceur Boujja said...

Nice collection. This would keep the kids busy for the winters. Especially with the sub zero temperature and very little to do outside, a good book can be a best gift for the kids.


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