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Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day Snacks

It's fun to focus on heart shapes, the colors pink and red, and all things lovey during the week prior to Valentine's Day. So here's a few ideas how to make breakfast, lunch, or snack time even more fun!

  • bagel w/ strawberry cream cheese OR bagel and add a dot of red food coloring to a blob of sour cream before spreading.
  • Strawberry cut like hearts! When cutting the tops off of strawberries, cut in a V formation rather than straight across. Then slice in half, and you have heart shapes.
  • Use heart shaped cookie cutters to cut sandwiches, toast, cheese, lunch meat, etc.
  • Use letter cookie cutters to cut H (for heart) or V (for valentines day) into foods.
  • Strawberry, raspberry, or cherry yogurt with red grapes or craisins (my daughter's favorite)
  • In the blender, blend milk, strawberries and a little honey. Pink milk!
  • On an English muffin, make mini pizzas. After the sauce, put a slice of cheese (or do your best w/ the shredded cheese) in the shape of a heart before melting.
  • For a special treat, I bought cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Add a drop of red food coloring to the icing included, and then you have pink icing for the top. Or top regular icing with a few pink and white sprinkles.
  • Heart shaped pancakes in the morning, dusted with powdered sugar and sliced fruit.

I literally went through the pantry and fridge and looked for pink, red, and white colored things. I also looked for anything that could be cut w/ a cookie cutter.

Have fun! Be creative!

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