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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentines Galore!

I was planning out my learning activities for the next couple of weeks. Naturally, I am focusing on hearts an valentines with the upcoming Valentine's Day. I started browsing some blogs and WOW! There are a lot out there. Here are some of my favorites. Any photos on here are photos of our creations. I don't want to put the photos from the original blog on here because I didn't take them. I will post a link to each activity and each photo on the original site--links open in new windows.:
  • Letter H: This is a super cute activity to help familiarize your toddler with the letter H.

  • Heart Match: This is a sorting activity similar to the one I posted using Pom Poms. This activity is posted in the same post as the Letter H activity; just scroll down. Photo
  • Valentine Dump Truck: This would be appealing for younger boys. Photo
  • Friendship Wreath: I love this one. I am planning on doing this as our grandma valentines. Wait...I hope they don't read this! Photo
  • Hearty Pizza: I love working our shape of the day into our meals if possible. This is a fun way to keep hearts going all day long! Photo
  • Easy Valentines Craft: This is a great one for your children who can't draw hearts yet...which I would guess are all most under five when it comes to hearts. I plan to make some valentines with this, too!

So there you have a collection of some great Valentines learning activities. Since we are a young blog and don't have archives for you to go to yet, I thought it might be fun for you to have some easy access to some great activities!


DW said...

Wow. Thank you for compiling this list.

My toddler will love the dump truck activity!

Ben & Jenny said...

The clothespin math and valentines' math activites links weren't working for me (but the photos looked right--and fun!). I couldn't view the correct activities. Is it just me?

Plowmanators said...

Ben and Jenny, no. Sorry! I fixed it now. And I fixed it so the links really do open in new windows. At least I think so...for most of them...


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