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Monday, February 22, 2010

Circles and O's

This is a simple activity you can do to learn about several different things. You can talk about colors, the shape circle, or the letter O. I also thought you could turn this into an Olympic rings on the flag activity. Brayden did this (pictured) at preshool.

Toddler and up. You might find this appropriate for some pre-toddlers, also.

  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Paper Cup
  • Plate to put paint on
  • Gather supplies
  • Prep work area (tablecloth or whatever you use to protect your work space)
  • Prep child (aprons or whatever you do to protect clothing)
  • Pour paint onto plates (one color per plate)
  • Have your child dip the paper cup into the end (open end down)
  • Have your child stamp the paper with the cup
You could do this with a variety of items, including cookie cutters.

1 comment:

Kristy Shreve Powers said...

Awesome. Looks like something my son would enjoy, and we are going to be on the letter "O" next week!


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