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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Magnets

You may have seen these around...they were quite popular around here about 4 years ago. We were learning about magnets a couple of weeks ago and I thought this would be a fun thing for my 5 and 3 year old to do.

Probably 3 or older is best. Kids, and grown ups, of all ages can enjoy this. Some 2 year olds might be able to do it (with lots of help). I decided my 21 month old was too young for this, especially because I knew my 3  year old might need a lot of help. 

  • Gems (used often in flower arrangements. I found the bigger ones at Michaels).
  • Magnets (small, round magnets that can hide on the back.
  • Paper (we used Valentine scrapbook paper as well as plain paper to write on)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Decoupage or Mod podge 
  • Foam brush
  • Hot glue gun (to be used by you only!)
  1. Give your child a paper and a pencil.
  2. Give your child the gem to trace onto a piece of paper. 
  3. Have your child cut the circle out. The nice thing is this doesn't have to be perfect.
  4. Have your child use the foam brush to put the glue on the flat side of the gem.
  5. Have your child put the paper on the gem so it can be seen from the front.
  6. Have your child put another layer of glue on the back of the paper.
  7. Let dry. It will take some time, so clean up, take a nap, play....whatever.
  8. Once dry, use a glue gun to glue magnet onto the back of the paper. Let dry.
  9. Put it on the fridge!
You can do this for any holiday or any other reason you want to! You could do the child's name to hold up pictures the child made, letters, numbers, shapes...endless possibilities! You can write on the circle, draw pictures, use stickers...lots of fun.

Cutting the circle out

Gluing the paper on

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