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Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowman Pancakes

My Mother-In-Law asked me the other day if I have a certain way I refer to my husband in my blogging...like the Pioneer Woman calls her husband the Marlboro Man....lots of women have a "name" for their husbands....mine is "my husband." But I think I might name him Pancake Man. He is the king of creative pancakes.

This simple pancake creation was created by him. The poor Pancake Man can't make "just pancakes" anymore--they have to be "some fun shape."

This one is quite simple. You pour three circles--make sure they connect. And of course, make sure they are different sizes like a snowman. Flip the snowman over when it is ready. Now, for the mouth, you take a miniature marshmallow and stretch it out for the smile. Place it on while side two is cooking. It will melt. Place chocolate chips on when you are done. Viola! A nice, large pancake!

Thanks Pancake Man.


Val said...

Have you seen Jim's pancakes? Maybe he and your pancake man could have a show down LOL.

Val said...

oops, the link

Leigh Anne said...

What a fun idea! I make pancakes all the time and hadn't thought of this. I've used the pancake "molds" before from Williams-Sonoma, but their kinda hard to clean. So, this would be quick & easy :)

kelly said...

My daughter loved these this morning. Thanks for the idea!

Plowmanators said...

Val I had never seen that! How fun! Thanks for sharing that! I think my husband will love it. If I got him in showdown mode, I think he would hang out in the kitchen and I would get sick of pancakes ;)


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