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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Surviving Winter: Go Outside Anyway

During the winter, if weather permits, you basically need to just go outside anyway. Don't let snow stop you from doing things. Take the picture above for example. Snow everywhere, and yet swinging is still fun. Don't think the only things you can do in snow are sledding, building snowmen, snow angels, snow sculptures, or snow forts, etc.

There will also be times the weather changes for you for a day or two and you can do something like go for a walk! This year was literally the first time I have taken a child of mine on a walk in January. The winter before Kaitlyn was born, it would have been possible, but I have this mental block in my head for certain temperatures so Brayden and I never went for a cold winter walk. After a long, cold winter last year, I decided this year I would take advantage of any glimpse of nice weather I could get. 

It warmed up to the high 40s, which a few years ago would not have been walking weather in January in my opinion. But the day was sunny with no wind, so I dressed my girls up and we went for a walk! The sun shining on me felt so good, and I felt this renewed energy! I was ready for anything that day! I also ran into other moms out with their kids who had the same idea I had: get out while you can. 

So if you are like me and get a mental block in the winter, try to step out of it. Play with your outside toys when you can. Go for those walks. Fresh air and sunshine are so good for you physically and mentally. 

Spring time is approaching (faster for some than others). I suggest you decide now that you will be flexible and get out on any nice day you can. Just be ready to spontaneously put things off to get that outside play in when that nice enough day comes along.

For those of you surviving rainy seasons, think of ways to get out and play in the rain. Get appropriate gear so you can be comfortable and have fun outside! Outside play does not have to be reserved for 60-80 degree weather. 


Regina @ Chalk In My Pocket said...

My thoughts exactly! We try to go outside a little everyday - and by we, I mean that sometimes I dress my 3 year old in her snow suit and just let her stomp around on the porch a bit. I think it makes a huge difference in her behavior if she's had some fresh air! One of our most memorable days outside this winter is when we reenacted Ezra Keats' "The Snowy Day." What a blast!

The Snowy Day Brought to Life

Michael and Yvonne said...

Totally agree! My mom's family is what I'd call "tough Germans" so we go outside in 20 degrees,etc. It was 2 degrees one day and I drew the line at that, haha. And if it's a really cold wind that's different. But just cold temp, if you're bundled up in cold weather gear, it's actually fine and fun! And we too had a "January thaw" and got to use the stroller a few days. It only lasted a bit but it was fun!

Jeni said...

especially if it's 75 out...

don't worry, I'll revisit this post come summer when it's over 100 out here in FL... or hurricane season. ;)

Elle Belles Bows said...

Definitely agree!! Great post! It was in the high 50's here on day and people were saying it was still too cold to go out??? :-) Kerri

Plowmanators said...

Thanks everyone for your added comments!

Except you Jeni ;)

Rachel Stella said...

People in my neighborhood are so bad about staying indoors when it is cold outside. We never see anyone outside in the winter (except us) and we get the "your kids must be cold comments". So silly. If anything, they are hot in all their layers! Great post. Glad we're not hte only winter troopers.

On a side note, what company did you get your swing set from? Do you like it? I think we're going to get one this summer but don't know where to start. Just know I don't want wood because painting it each year is not going to happen!

Plowmanators said...

Rachel, I love, love, love, love, love, (and so forth) that swing set. Love. That is funny you ask. Yesterday, yes yesterday, I was driving down the street and thought I should tell you about it.

It is vinyl covered wood and made by the Amish. Sturdy enough Nate and I can play on it.

We bought it from a lady here in Cache Valley. I will find out if she is your area dealer or not, and if not, who is.

It doesn't get as hot as metal (though it does get hot) and no splinters. Well worth the money (because they are pricey).

Rachel Stella said...

I'm trying to buy a swing set right now. Finally after thinking about it forever. Do you know the brand name of yours and if they have a website or any other useful info. Thanks!! Hope you guys are having a great summer!

Plowmanators said...


Here is the link to the manufacturer:



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