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Thursday, February 3, 2011


In light of the blizzard that just blew across the entire country and the ridiculously cold temperatures we're all experiencing, I thought I'd first share a great way to enjoy the snow AND the warmth of the indoors.

While I currently live in the north, I am a southerner at heart.  One thing I learned after moving is that it takes a lot of time dressing a toddler for snow!  Do I dress him up first or get dressed myself?  Once we got dressed (probably overdressed!), how is he supposed to play with those crazy mittens on!  Bottom line, it is just too cold and windy outside.

Something clicked in my brain one day, why not bring the snow inside!  A snowbox solved all my problems.  I just bring the blow up pool inside and fill it up with snow. Easy to set up, easy to clean up.  Add some shovels and dump trucks and J is in heaven.  He could enjoy the snow and the blessings of a heated home at the same time (and mom can too)!  We dug, dumped, built a miniature hill for his rubber ducky to sled down, built a snowman, a snow wall (that of course was crashed a couple dozen times), and of course he loved letting a snowball melt in his mouth.  J didn't want to get in the "snowbox" and I didn't push it.  He had plenty of fun working from the outside in.  I was also surprised at how long the snow lasts inside too. When it hits the icy stage, it just made it easier to build with.  Set it up near a door and it's easy to refill with fresh snow. 

You know it's a success, when they continually ask for more snow in the pool.

22 months
22 months

21 months


Plowmanators said...

Very fun Becca. Can you believe I have never tried that? I will definitely do this next time it snows. Maybe I can scrounge up enough right now...

Becca said...

As much snow as you get, you probably have the skill of winter dressing perfected so there's no need for indoor snow! I have yet to master that one.

Leigh Anne said...

Genius idea! We've got snow right now and I went through the whole bundle them up for 5 min of playing yesterday....this would be much better :)

Michael and Yvonne said...

What a great idea! We just moved from the S to MI so it's been interesting....but we do usually bundle up and my 4 YO loves it....2 YO not quite as much:)
I'm sure this is a stupid question, but since they are playing with their hands in it, if it's for long periods, do you not use gloves?

Becca said...

We don't use gloves, mainly because I can't keep them on him for any length of time. He just gets frustrated. If his hands get cold he just switches to using shovels for digging and filling or driving trucks to make roads,...


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