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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Save your containers!

You probably end up with tons of empty containers week to week, right? Yogurt, baby food, sour cream, ricotta, ketchup bottles, gallon jugs, spice jars, coffee creamer...the list goes on and on. Don't throw them out unless you have to! I have a large container to, well...contain my extra containers. :)

Before you toss, clean them and consider the uses:

  • All are fun and new dumping toys for the bathtub! The ketchup bottles are really fun for squirting.

  • Containers for water play or pouring

  • My girls use them in their sandbox outside to dump, build, and make a nice mess.

  • Stacking, like blocks

  • Pom Pom stuffing (cut a hole in the lid). My 15 month old loves this!

  • Clothespin games

  • Smelly jars

  • Spice jars with colored sand for art (I use them like glitter shakers, too).

  • spice jars- Glue a shaped sponge on top. It's much easier to sponge paint with grip something to grip!
  • Parmesan cheese container- Pipe cleaner game!
  • Store homemade playdough, bathtub paint, finger paint, bubble solutions, etc.
  • Make musical instruments!
  • Then the obvious, like storage.

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