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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gift for Mom or Grandma

This is an art project you can have your child help out with and give to Mom or Grandma. They are blocks that spell out the word "Grandma" (or Mother, Mom, or Grandmother, etc.). I then dedicated one block per person and put pictures on it. I did one block for my Mom's Grandmothers. One for her mom. One for my Dad's mom. One for her with Brayden. And one for her with Kaitlyn. Since I gave her these, two grandchildren have joined the family, so I will have to update them. 

Now, you can tell from this picture that she doesn't actually show the "Grandma" spelling. She really just likes it for displaying pictures. If your Mom/Grandma would be like that, then you can skip the letter part of the blocks.


  • Wood blocks the size of your choice. We bought a 4x4 piece of wood from Home Depot and cut the blocks to our desired length. I am sure you could find something similar in a craft store like Michaels.

  • Decoupage or Mod Podge. You can also get Mod Podge Satin All-In-One Decoupage Sealer. Please note that different Mod Podges have different finishes, from Matte to Lustre.

  • Photos of your choice, cut to the appropriate size for your blocks.

  • Paint

  • Vinyl Letters or you could paint letters on

  • Sandpaper if you want a "distressed" look

  1. Paint the blocks using the paint and foam brush. This is something your child can help with. Most of the block is covered by photos, plus if you distress it , you will have little need for a "perfect" paint job. Plus, we love things made by the children we love.

  2. Let dry.

  3. If you want a distressed look, gently sand the each edge of each block. You can decide if you do this part yourself or with help. Wipe all dust off.

  4. Put some decoupage or mod podge on the block.

  5. Put some decoupage or mod podge on the back of a photo.

  6. Place the photo on the block.

  7. Continue for all sides.

  8. Once you have photos all around the block, move on to the other blocks and put photos on those.

  9. Let dry.

  10. Decoupage or mod podge over the top of each photo. This will help protect the photo from scratches, water, etc.
You are done! And you have a lovely gift any mom will love.


Jennifer said...

LOVE it! It is so cute! I wish I had time to pull it together by Sunday but even so it wouldn't get shipped in time for Mother's Day so this might be tucked away for next year. Thanks for sharing.

Mod Podge Amy said...

So cute! These turned out great -


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