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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Texture Cards

-4 small "cards" made of construction paper or foam paper
-something rough (sand, rice, or salt)
-something soft (cloth or cotton balls)
-something bumpy (beans or just something to make the foam paper bumpy)

Preparation: (kids above 2 years old can help with this)
  1. write 4 types of texture on the cards (rough, bumpy, soft, smooth)
  2. spread glue on the rough card and sprinkle sand, rice, or salt over it, then tap the card over the trash can to get the excess off. Set aside to dry.
  3. spread glue on the soft card and spread something soft over it. Set aside to dry.
  4. for the bumpy card either glue beans onto it or simply poke indentations in the foam paper to make it feel bumpy.
  5. the smooth card stays the way it is.
-let your child examine each card and tell them what each card is.
-have your child close his/her eyes and tell you which texture card they're feeling without looking at it.

-This could be a part of a bigger unit on the 5 senses or parts of the body. This would be a great way to discuss the sense of touch, skin, or hands.
-ask your child to find other things that feel bumpy, rough, smooth, or soft. They could go on a scavenger hunt throughout the house to collect real objects or simply draw pictures of them.
**this activity would be good for a child with sensory processing disorder to gain controlled, small amounts of experience with different textures on their skin.

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