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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What's in season?

Summer is quickly coming to an end and fall is rapidly approaching. Hopefully you and your family were able to take advantage of fruit and veggie picking this summer at a local farm or even in your own garden. So what now? Don't forget about the next line of fruits that are starting to ripen!

Here on the East Coast, the season for grapes kicked off this week. I had never been grape picking, so we went to a local vineyard to have a little fun. I love grapes and so do the kids, so it seemed like it was a perfect outing.

The vineyard we visited had Scuppernong and Muscadine grapes, neither of which I have ever tasted. One of the girls loved the green ones, the other loved the red. The owners were great...they charge a $1 grazing fee (which they didn't end up charging us) and provided the buckets. That is something a lot of farms won't do, so come prepared!

Well, it was definitely a learning experience. Like, for instance, not all grapes are created equal. And some are downright disgusting. :) All in all, it was worth the drive.

It was a great learning experience: picking technique, hand-eye skills, patience, weighing and measuring, money (since they only accepted cash). And I love that we were supporting a local business in the process.
Next on the list....Apple festivals!!

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