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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Paper Plate Apple {plus fine motor bonus}

So this is my other fun activity from Kaitlyn's preschool class I wanted to share. It is a paper plate apple with a fine motor activity. You could do one or the other or both together.

The paper plate apple is a very simple craft. You paint the paper plate the color you want it. Then you cut out and glue a green leave to the top. You could also add a brown stem. Children LOVE to paint. You could also color it or do cheating paint and paint with do-a-dots. If I want to do "paints" but don't have the patience for paints, we use do-a-dots.

The other is a worm fine motor writing activity. There are simply pictures of worms, a dotted line for the path the worm took, then the apple the worm ate. You could find pictures of worms on the internet. Then find pictures of apples on the internet. Copy them and put them into a Word document. Then make dotted lines.


You could print the little pictures, cut them out, and paste them onto a page and draw the dotted lines yourself.


You could just draw the whole thing. I am not artist, but lately I  have come to prefer that method. Then it turns out how my head wants it to :) But I do check the Internet first in case someone has previously stolen the image from my head and kindly put it on the Internet first ;).

You then have the child color the pictures and trace the dotted like. This builds fine motor control for preparing for handwriting. You can see these lines Kaitlyn did get harder to do, and you can see how her top lines are perfect, and bottom lines are not. Good practice!

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