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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fabulous Fall Fun: Hiking

Hiking in Zion National Park in Spring

Isn't Fall fabulous? I love the season and all it brings with it. I wanted to do a little series on all of the fabulous things you can do in the Fall. My first highlight is hiking.

Hiking is a tricky thing to talk about with a global audience. For some of you, Spring is the best time of year for hiking. For others, Summer is the time for such activities. Some might even find the best hiking weather in the Winter. For us, however, we prefer Fall hikes. 

Hiking in Yellowstone National Forest in late Summer

Hikes are walks on steroids. A walk is a great activity to do. A hike offers even more learning opportunities. You are much closer to nature on a hike. You can see amazing geological formations. You can gather Fall leaves. You can see animal tracks and nesting places. 
6 month old McKenna in the Kelty
For young children, we find a hiking backpack to be well worth it. We own a Kelty and love it, but I know others who love other brands. 
Hiking close to home in the Fall
Here are some tips I have for hiking with children:

  • I suggest you keep your hikes so that you can get back to home/car/camp quickly if needed. This doesn't mean you have to do only short hikes--just keep hiking trails close to civilization. Don't overestimate your child's abilities. I once found myself pregnant and carrying 3 year old Brayden for a mile--not fun!
  • Wear sunblock if needed. Usually hiking means rising in elevation, which means closer to the sun. It also means time spent outside.
  • Wear proper shoes and make sure your child's shoes fit well.
  • Bring lots of water.
  • Bring snacks.
  • Bring hats (summer hats, winter hats), jackets, and whatever other clothing might come in handy. 
  • Go at your child's pace.
  • Be on the lookout for cool discoveries like animal prints and nesting spots. 
  • For added fun, you can make a card of things to find on the nature walk. 
  • Another idea is to gather nature items and make a collage when you get home.


Michael and Yvonne said...

i'm just curious, how long a distance can your 4 yo walk? I LOVE hiking and used to do it prekids but now with a 4 and just turned 3 YO, we didn't really hike with kids...I just figure I get tired and worn out and they get tired way quicker. So I'm just curious how it works out for your kids now.

Plowmanators said...

Kaitlyn can go about 1-2 miles. But she is not they type to put a lot of physical effort into things like that. Brayden as a three year old went three miles at once before he couldn't go any further. Brayden is a worker and really pushes himself physically.


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