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Monday, July 12, 2010

Simple Summer Fun: Sand

I love the sandbox. My three children will literally sit and play in it together for at least a solid hour at a time. The scoop, dump, build castles, and the 15 month old sometimes decides to taste the sand (gross). While they do that, I garden, read, and watch them have fun together.

The sandbox provides many learning opportunities for your little one. It provides sensory experiences as they play in it. They get to work on their fine motor skills as they dig. They can play little scientists as they explore the sand--just to name a few. And if you are feeling the need to get some extra learning in there, you can do sand letters or twist that a bit and do sand shapes. You could bury special treasures for your children to find. But don't feel like you need to do anything beyond what they come up with themselves.

If you don't have a sandbox but have the ability to get one, I highly recommend it! If you can't get one, see if you can play in a friend's sandbox or visit a park with a sandbox. Or you can always fill up a small, flat tote with sand to play in. So during these summer months, sit back and relax while your children learn away as they play in the sand!


Montessori For Learning said...

This is so true.... my children love to play in the sand. They love the tactile feeling of it running between their fingers and their ability to create new things from "nothing!"

Val said...

practical sand box questions. How do you keep bugs out of the sand. Here in Texas we have a huge problem with sand fleas (that bite!). Also, when it rains, do you end up with a nasty mess or do you have some type of drainage etc.

ys said...

I'm piggybacking on Val's comment. You have such a BIG, roomy sandbox, plenty of room for all 3 kids! That's awesome. I have one of those typical Turtle sandboxes....it was good for 1, cozy for 2 kids...not really room to move around. Did you make your own sandbox? The good thing about ours is we have a lid on it. Do you put a tarp over yours?

ys said...

BTW, I love when you post pics of the 3 and I just cannot believe how big McKenna is already! Time sure flies by too quickly, doesn't it? My "baby" is turning 2 next month and I can't believe it.


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