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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fireworks Painting

Age Range: I'd recommend this one for the 3 and up crowd though some 2 year olds could handle it. Just be sure your child isn't likely to suck the paint up the straw instead of blowing out of course.

  • paper
  • finger paints
  • straws
  • plates/cups to hold paint

Activity: First water down the paint significantly until it is very runny. Dip the straw into the paint and place the straw so it is touching the paper. Blow into the straw so the paint splatters across the page. You can also make a small puddle of paint and blow it so it splatters that way instead.

*We did this for 4th of July to make 'fireworks' of sorts but it's really a great painting activity all the time. I love showing little kids how to use all sorts of different materials to make art.


Kristy Powers said...

We've done this one before. My son was 3 years old. I checked the box for preschooler, but I'm not sure if 3 years old counts as toddler or preschooler. :)

Amanda said...

I'd say it counts as preschooler :) I definitely think the 3-5 year old range would enjoy this most, I was too nervous about my 2 year old sucking up the paint to enjoy it really.

Kristy Powers said...

LOL, maybe my younger son can do it sooner if he watches how his older brother does it. Then again, he has already eaten a crayon in the same room as both of us.


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