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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Storage: Magnetic Letters

I used to have the HARDEST time keeping up with all those miniature things you use to help teach the kiddos...you know, all the things you use to practice sorting, counting, moving, stacking, and patterning. Magnetic letters were especially painful because I could only seem to find the b when I needed a p. Or I was always one letter short of exactly what I needed.
Thank you, super cheap plastic sewing organizer. I labeled each compartment w/ the correct letter, sorted, and ta-da! No more searching for 30 minutes for a 5 minute activity.
So, how about you? How do you organize all those tiny pieces?


The Activity Mom said...

great idea!

The Activity Mom said...

ps just shared this over at We Teach with a link to your post.

Michelle said...

I found your post at We Teach. I do the same thing to organize my magnetic letters. I use a similar 24 plastic compartment organizer with a lid. I found mine in the automotive section of Walmart. I think it was under $5.00.
Here's a link to my post about it. I share ways to use magnetic letters on my blog too. http://beginningreadinghelp.blogspot.com/2010/05/magnetic-letters-can-be-organized-and.html

Raegan said...

Thanks for sharing!!
Michelle, we'll be sure to check out your blog! Thanks!


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