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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Papertowel Painting

This is the perfect “painting” activity for little ones since it involves very little mess. 

I drew some pictures on a paper towel with a washable marker (“A” and an apple, since we were working on the letter A). I gave J some paintbrushes and a cup with a TINY amount of water. As he paints the paper towel, he can watch the marker spread. J really liked this craft and it was simple to clean up! 

When J was a little older, I started letting him draw his own picture on the papertowels.  They have to learn to be very careful not to tear the towel when drawing on it. 

**If they use too much water, the picture basically disappears, becoming a tye-dye style art piece.  This is perfectly fine, since it’s all about the process in my opinion.  Some kids might be disappointed to see their picture disappear however, so be warned!  

Here are two examples of the final product:


Jamie @ hands on : as we grow said...

What a simple, fun activity for little ones just learning to paint! I'd love for you to come play at It's Playtime this week. This week I featured a bunch of Art without using paint - and this would fit right in!

tashaw215 said...

This also works on coffee filters and they don't tear quite so easily. :o)

Amanda said...

This is great! I just did a paper towel art activity with my son today so we'll keep them out for another art adventure like this one.


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