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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father's Day Ideas

I just got sucked into a time warp of the Internet looking at Father's Day ideas. I have a long, long list of ideas to do for our Father's learning week, but our Father's learning week is happening while you all want to be doing Father's Day things, too, so I thought I would bring you some great ideas from the Internet. Here are some of my favorites:

Monogram Painted Hammer

This is something I think would be fun to do some day. My husband is a tool guy, so I think decorating a tool of some sort would be very fun, and something he could look back on fondly as a 60 year old man hammering a nail.

Cookie Gift Tube
I thought this could be fun to do in conjunction with your shape and color activity. Whatever your shape and/or color was for the week, you could have your child decorate the tube with. And what dad doesn't love treats?

Nuts and Bolts Frame
This could be really fun out in the shop--a great idea for the dad who likes tools. Only I would try to get a good picture of the dad and child working on a project together. If not, at least a picture of them together.

Picture Puzzle
This could be nice on Dad's desk at work.

Tie Greeting Card
You will find lots of versions of this card all over the internet. A fun card for your child to make to give to dad.

BBQ Apron
This is fun for the dad who likes to grill. You could do handprints and dad could pull it out when he is a grandpa and have the grandkids add their handprints...precious.

Scissor Skills Paper Craft
This is a good one for working on those fine motor skills.

Stained Glass Craft
This is fun for letter activities.

These are just a few fun ones I found! Enjoy!


Barracudas Activity Day Camps said...

These are great ideas for Father's Day presents that won't break the bank. And dad will love them even more because of the personal touch

Ayaz said...



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