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Monday, January 24, 2011

Surviving Winter: Once There Was a Snowman

Making a snowman is a great winter activity. It gets you outside and can really be a great workout. Last weekend, we spent two hours making this beauty--which is indeed over 6 feet tall. 

The process is simple--so long as you have snow that will stick to itself. You just start a little snowball and start rolling it. You can actually make a snowman with a small amount of snow (inch-wise) if you have the square footage to do it. Or acreage. After we were done, the kids were tired and my arms hurt.Great winter fun!

 You also might enjoy licking your giant snowball. That can be fun, too :)


Michael and Yvonne said...

We moved from the S to MI and the kids wanted a snowman so I decided to make one.......but the snow kept falling apart. I thought, I'm from the South but surely I can't be so dumb!:) So then DH said it has to freeze overnight and get more packed.......but that didn't matter either as it was the "wrong" kind of snow. I never realized there are all different types of snow and we've had a lot lately but not the right kind.
Learn something new every day, haha:)

Kristy Powers said...

This isn't exactly in line with "surviving winter", but we made a Southern Snowman this Christmas. Though we didn't have snow, we had plenty of leaves to rake. We raked them, put them in two white garbage bags, stacked them (keeping them together with a sturdy stick through the middle of the bags), and decorated with black permanent marker, a blue foam pipe, a red felt scarf, and of course a black winter hat. We got some thumbs-up from people driving by. :) The kids liked it and it made us adults feel good, too, to be able to do a snowman tradition.

Plowmanators said...

Thanks for the great idea Kristy!


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