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Friday, January 14, 2011

Letter Factory

I'm not usually one to rave about a certain learning DVD...probably because I've come across few that you can really rave about. I heard mom after mom recommend this DVD and reluctantly I watched it. It's a really cute DVD with a super-catchy song. But what really struck me was how much and how quickly my daughters (1 and 3) remembered the letters, what they look like, and the sounds that go with them. It's completely amazing. We've been learning and practicing letters for what seems like forever. I'm constantly trying to find and utilize teachable moments to help facilitate learning for the girls. My youngest loves to learn and can't seem to get enough, even at her young age. My oldest (3.5) would rather daydream and pretend. She literally used to cry when I'd get out the craft supplies.

I wouldn't use this tool alone, but it was certainly worth every penny I paid to add this to our "tool belt." We also have the Word Factory DVD, a great supplement to this DVD.

I'm so thrilled with this DVD I had to share it with you all.


Megan Lubbers said...

I'm exactly the same way! So reluctant about TV anyway, but I bought this DVD for winter days when you just need something to do! And it is seriously amazing how quick my daughter picked up letters. We'd been working with puzzles and coloring pages, and she knew some, but after watching this DVD probably 10 times total over a month or so in conjunction with the other things we do she knows almost all the letters and their sounds.

Lindsay Neal said...

AND there is supposed to be an Amusement Park sequel coming out soon. I agree with not watching much TV but this is a great tool at our house and all my friends think it is the best. I can't complain if learning is going to be so explicit!

DoodleBug81 said...

Have you ever used www.Starfall.com? It's free, and works on phonics, and then gears up for reading. My son, who is 18 months LOVES it, and already knows most of the phonic sounds and can recognize letters by sight.

Saima said...

agree with doodlebug81, starfall is great! and thanks for the DVD suggestion, will check it out for my kids!

Raegan said...

Yes, we used Starfall in the classroom with Kindergarteners and in the computer lab ALL the time. It's a great tool, too!

Amanda said...

Yep, I was so skeptical but asked the grandparents to get it for Christmas and Tobias knew all the letters and sounds by 19 months old! Not that it was my goal at all but I figured it was better than him watching a lame cartoon that taught nothing while I was struggling through morning sickness in the first trimester with Peter. He loves the word factory one and I heard rumor there's a math one coming out too.

Plowmanators said...

Manda, there already is a math one..there are five I think? Storybook factory, letter factory, word factory, math (or number?) factory...Maybe there are four? We have them all :)

Amanda said...

Oh no, I suppose we're behind ;) Now I know what to tell the grandparents to get him for his 3rd birthday!


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