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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How are they alike?

The idea behind this activity is to get your kids looking at similarities, differences, and thinking creatively. Use new words, teaching your child words like similar, different, alike, same.

Materials: paper bags, items from around the house (ex: jelly beans, toys, silverware, socks, stuffed animals,etc)

  1. Fill your bags with 2 items. Start simple, like two jellybeans. Explain the words similar and different. Go first, giving an example.
  2. "See these things? What are they? How are the the same or similar? You're right! They are both jellybeans/candy/sweet/bad for your teeth/given in your Easter basket/etc. How are they different? Yes, this one is red and this one is yellow! They are also two different flavors and a different size, aren't they?

Try it with different objects. Once they get the hang of it, try it with two random objects, like a spoon and a stuffed animal. Once they really get the hang of it, try it with 3+ objects. You may be surprised what they come up with!

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