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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Age Range: 1 and up

As a lover of all things neat and clean, I love the magnadoodle. It's a simple toy with lots of potential uses.

  1. hold your child's hand around the magnetic pen and help him/her draw a counterclockwise circle. Practice this a few times, then see if they can do it themselves.
  2. Identify the shape as a circle, or the letter Oo, depending on your focus. Tobias' grandpa showed him this as an O so that's what Tobias calls it. In fact, he finds O's everywhere now, including shouting out O! because there was an O in the sign in the otherwise silent library. Libraries are too quiet anyway, right? :)
  3. Let your child have fun scribbling, even if their "O" looks nothing like the real thing that's okay.
  4. Continually reinforce the counterclockwise circle, it will make handwriting easier later on because letters with circles are drawn counterclockwise.

Extensions: sit on the magnadoodle.... what, that's not how they're supposed to be used? ;)

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