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Monday, April 30, 2012

Color Mixing Equations

Here we have a fun activity to help your child learn what colors go together to make another color. In case you don't know, here are some basic color creations:

Red and Blue make Purple
Red and Green make Brown
Blue and Yellow make Green
Green and Yellow make a lighter green
Yellow and Red make Orange
Blue and Green makes a Blue-green
Adding white makes a color lighter--so adding White to Red makes Pink. Adding White to Black makes Gray.

The activity pictured was done with do-a-dots. The two colors were put in the circle, and then the color they added up to was put after the equal sign.

You could have a testing paper where the child could mix colors to see what two colors created what new color. I would start by demonstrating a color combination and then let the child combine and answer.


anne said...

Teaching them the basic colors is basic but the color wheel is advanced. But it would be better at this early they can understand the color wheel. Anyway, learning could be much fun if we give them Healthy Food

eyeDeaList said...

Any specific age to start allowing children to understand the color wheels? Enrichment Class for Kids at the age of 4 suitable to learn them?


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