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Monday, March 22, 2010

Self-Portrait Puppets

This is a fun activity to do to get some insight into the way your child views himself. My mother-in-law did this with my children. They were so excited about it and showed my husband and I over and over their creations.

I would say this would best be done with two and up. You could possibly do it with 18 months and up, depending on the child.

  • Paper bag
  • Construction paper
  • Crayons
  • Glue
  • *you could also use any other art medium you want to
  1. Tell your child he is going to make a puppet of himself.
  2. Ask him how he wants to create himself. What color of hair should we do? What color of shirt do you want to wear? How long should we make your hair? Help your child create the items as needed.
  3. Cut out items.
  4. Glue it together.
You could make one, too, and then practice role playing with your respective puppets. You could even trade and show your child the appropriate way to act, as well as see how your child views the way you give instructions ;)


Anonymous said...

Cute idea! We are learning about M this week so we might just have to do a "me" puppet!

Kristy Powers said...

Did this with my older son today. When I explained the activity, he said he would, "love, love, love" to do it. When it came time to choose his clothing, he said he wanted none. That's my Florida boy. I'll have to do Raegan's Weather Relay with him next. ;)

I will definitely be using the Mommy and Xander puppets for role playing!


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